93C56 14 PIN PDF

93C56 14 pin datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. 93C56 EEPROM are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing Microchip Technology, EEPROM xx16 Rot Pin. Datasheet, Non -. hello has anyone a solution for reading microwire eep (93cxx) in 14pin package? any adaptor to 8 pin? regards.

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I am using a GQ-4X with a sotc8 clip to read a Fairchild 93c56 chip which is still attached to a pcb. However the reads dont make any sense and are in consistent. Do I have to removed this chip from the pcb to get a correct read?? Is it possible the pcb circuit needs to be powered to read 93c56??

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The in circuit connection always be tricky. It is power related old issue. I think you need to remove the chip from PCB. Since you already have a testclip, then you do not need the adapter. Reply 2 NewBPro 8 Posts. I ordered a adapter anyways for other projects.

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dashboard w 93c56 14pin

But thank you for your help. I assumed it was a power issue. I will have to remove burn and resolder. Reply 144 NewBPro 8 Posts. Ok So I removed the 93c56 chip today and tried to read out using test clip however i still get a blank dump.


Reply 4 NewBPro 8 Posts. Ok as it turns out the test clip I have some of the pins where thye should meet the chip are uneven preventing me from getting a read any way to fix this??

Reply 5 ZLM Posts. Most of cases the uneven contacting problem is due to the chip pin is unclean or pin pitch changed during the desoldering process.

Make sure your chip pjn is clean and the pitch is even. Use a magnify glass to check or use a new chip to confirm the testclip working good.

Reply 6 NewBPro 8 Posts. It seems as the pins from the test clip are uneven since i got the clip it was that way. So Im going to try to file the end down see if that helps.


20 PCS 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 93C46 93C56 93C66 93C86 IC each 2pcs

What else could I do?? Reply 7 ZLM Posts. Reply 8 NewBPro 8 Posts. I received my adapter came in handy.

I still have to find a replacement chip at this point. Anyone know what chip replaces a F93c56?? Reply 9 NewBPro 8 Posts. Ok So I got my replacement chips atmel 93c56 chips.

I will be using one of these to replace a fairchild 93c Is there anything special I need to do to write the dump file form the fairchild 93c56 to the atmel 93c56?? Which device should be selected??

Reply 10 ZLM Posts. Reply 11 NewBPro 8 Posts. When I burn he Fairchild 93c56 dump or. Reply 12 ZLM Posts.