Banjo Number One. Another view of my first banjo in process. Note the sections and joints making up the ring. Based on notes and drawings from Fox Fire Books . Foxfire continues to be a fresh, exciting experience for all of us because of the basic generosity and good will that run strong and deep within most people. This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as of the Fox Fire books and they have a wonderful section on making your own banjo.

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This is a custom made banjo inspired by the mountain banjos of Foxfire 3. It is basically a new banjo, made in November of I crafted this banjo out of locally babjo Ozark walnut and cherry woods.


It has steel strings, and it can handle them because it is fitted with a beefy titanium rod in the neck. It sounds nice with gut strings also.

Mountain Banjo Pot Assembly – Foxfire Type – Used Banjo For Sale at

The hide is goatskin. The banjo is glued together and the neck and top ring screw on with aged brass hardware. It rings really nice. ALSO, this banjo has a 2-degree slant to the neck relative to the pot.

This allows for proper action and a higher bridge, banjp improving the tone. Most of these type of banjos do not incorporate that feature.

To complete the banjo, I set it up with planetary pegs. They are very functional and look great too. I will include a new foxfiee with this banjo.

Overall I hate to sell it because I love playing those lonesome old mountain tunes on it, but I have other banjos to build and just need to move on.


Neosho Missouri Condition of Banjo: Used – Mint Condition Type: Expired, Item viewed times. Dobson 1 George P.

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